Thursday, December 26, 2013

My Merry Christmas

A happy, white Christmas with all the kids home.

The kids coming home was my favorite gift this year.


  1. Thank you posting this series of photos. It's almost like being there with all of you. I smiled when I saw that Blair had a wool blankie wrapped around her. Different climate than Tucson. :) X X X

    1. Poor Blair is always freezing and has a hat on when she goes outside ~ Grant grumps about the cold when it is 35 out. Poor desert people!

  2. the dog in the chair. that's my favourite.
    oh. and also, that you feel having all your kids home is the best gift ever.
    you're so good-hearted. i'm so glad to know you.

  3. I loved ALL the pictures! Especially liked the little tree with the red balls standing peacefully on the porch. And the picture of the living room covered with wrapping paper debris. Does every house look that same way on Christmas morning? :)


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